Make your tickets smarter.

Meet blockets

We use smart contracts (a blockchain-technology) to provide advantages over traditional (e)ticket sales. A smart contract is the computer code version of a traditional paper contract. It is stored in the blockchain and coupled with a data component storing the current state.

With this we can provide:

Immediate payouts

Avoid having your money stuck on some third party account. When we handle payments we can execute all terms of a smart contract instantly. Your money is yours right when a ticket is sold.

More control over resale of tickets

Our system allows for resale of tickets by their owners. You can provide the terms for this, to discourage ticket scalping for example. Since all resale is registered on the blockchain, visitors have full assurance of the validity of their secondhand ticket and you have an overview of all resale activity.


If we get you your money instantly, what happens when the event gets cancelled? We can provide insurance for this or have the smart contract handle this.

...And none of the disadvantages

These features makes you enjoy the advantages of the blockchain, without dealing with its disadvantages.

Transaction caching

A blockchain (We use Etherium) is not realtime. It may take up to 10 minutes to have a transaction confirmed. We provide a caching system to avoid accidental oversale.

Blockchains confusing?

Blockchains can be hard to deal with directly. We provide a user (and developer) friendly wrapper around this technology, so you can work with it, without any blockchain knowledge required.

We also do identification and verification

Knowing who is coming to your event provides several benefits, both for marketing and security purposes. In our system tickets all have an individual known owner. We provide an app that makes identity verification at the gate a breeze.

Have a look at our API documentation

We provide an easy to use API with extended documentation. If you have any trouble implementing, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Or contact us at [email protected]

Blockets is made with ❤ in Groningen, The Netherlands